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Product Management Bootcamps in India

A few selected PM training bootcamps that can help you started as Product Manager or give you a career boost. Most of these are not write and exam and get a certification for CV like of courses, rather the one's that have an hands on approach to Product Management with tutors from Indian Industry.

The complete Product Management Course by NextBigWhat

NextBigWhat Academy's product management course is a 12 weeks course aimed at developing foundational thinking around building the right product and accelerating your product management career. Lead by Ashish Sinha and 20+ other Product Managers from Industry, this course promises to offer you a framework for building the best products. NBW also offers 1:1 mentoring and help you succeed.

Duration : 10 Weeks

Delivery : Online + Offline

Fee : INR 50,000 + Taxes

Product Management Certification Program from Upgrad

Offered by Duke Corporate Education , Upgrad program is completely online course. This course is taught by both Duke's foreign faculty and Product Managers from leading Indian companies like Amazon, PayTM etc.

Duration : 5 Months

Delivery : Online

Fee : INR 1,50,000 + Taxes

Product Monk's Course on Udemy

To start with, I wouldn't want to call this a comprehensive bootcamp, but this will be a good starter course for some one who wants to understand a few basics of Product Management. On the side, Product Monk also offers Mock Interviews as a side offering.

Duration : Selfpaced

Delivery : Online

Fee : INR 1280

Product Management 101 Bootcamp by Lokesh Gupta at Producthood

Delivered as structured course online, this course from Producthood tries to target a wide audience. Delivered online by Lokesh on Zoom , this is a structured bootcamp with fixed timings and includes group projects. This bootcamp is capped to 20 candidates for cohort.

Duration : 8 Weeks

Delivery : Online

Fee : INR 14000

Did we miss any popular course, comment on this post or let us know here, we will review it and add it to this list.

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