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Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Who is doing this?

I am a product manager with 13 years of experience in B2B & B2B2C products. I conceptualized, built and managed multiple products targeted at Telecom, Media, SMEs & Enterprises. This is my side project where I curate the best B2B SaaS Product Management opportunities for candidates looking for such opportunities in India. More about me here

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What do you mean by curation?

I hopped through 4 different companies in my career till now and I think I have a little sense on what a good product opportunity looks like and what a product manager does . While the Product Management scene has changed wildly in the last 10 years. There are still a lot of companies where the opportunity is called a Product Management, but it may be for a services company with a productized service deployed for a few customers and expect you to manage that mostly as Project Manager. Sometimes it's even a Business Analyst role.

When I say curation, here I cherry pick true B2B SaaS Product Management opportunities based on Industry, Founder credibility incase of startups, scale/ability to scale, thoughtfulness of the job description .

While different people get excited by different opportunities, my last curation step includes thinking, is this an opportunity I want to spend my next 5 years on.

How do you curate?

I don't scrape through sites. I do currently curate manually from Angel List, Linkedin and from my database of curated B2B SaaS companies founded in India or with a office in India, means, I Include companies serving foreign markets also.

I currently exclude

- B2B payments and payment gateways,

- B2B retail/marketplaces,

I also always link to source site where candidates can go and apply.

Why B2B SaaS only?

One quick reason is that's the industry I am from and aware of the nuances of the Product Management. I understand the skills, mindset required for PMs to handle a B2B SaaS product at scale. It's an art and it's also required that companies understand that .

What do you gain from this?

At the moment , nothing. It's my way of helping the Product Management community. As of Aug-2019, I don't make any money out of this and pay for this site out of my pocket. I don't even know if this is something that PM candidates care about. This is me launching a service and see if it really adds any value to PM job aspirants.

Why do we even need this?

When you start your job search, you start by registering at various sites (I think Naukri is still a thing, no offense), by enabling your "looking out" flag on LinkedIn profile. Typically when you start your job search, majority of the times you start by searching on LinkedIn or job boards, create a few filters and have a weekly alert sent. Once you indicate your readiness, you also have a recruiters approaching you with multiple opportunities. In my experience majority of those automated alerts are either a hit or miss, and I never had a decent success with recruiters offering you matching offers.

What I target here is to curate the best PM opportunities and send you a weekly letter. This I believe is the best offering for a person looking for a SaaS PM opportunity.

Following are a few example of completely irrelevant search results you get on LinkedIn for a Product Management opportunity. Completely irrelevant results like these are what prompted me to attempt this.

This is what I see on 2nd page in Linkedin

This is the alert I get, how is this event relevant to search query

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